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How to Get Laid using The Of Course.

The purpose of this page is to give the male a tactical advantage when seeking a female for a sex relationship.   In other words, how to get laid!

My name is Colden Thorne, and I once had a bad record in approaching women for sex.   Nothing seemed to work until one day I invented The Of Course.   Since then, many women have wanted to take their first course with me.

Please permit the text to pause to ask an important question:   are these sex moves part of your negative space?   Every female, as you have realized, will search the male's negative space for sex accruement.   Will she find moves like:   "strip the bone", Rock the Boat, Scoop, Swivel, When Two Become One?   How about Curving, eS-ing, Plowing or Gun-Locking?   My free site newsletter is designed to take the course novice to an advanced level in a short period of time.   Prepare to get krunked up!


Did you sign-up?   Because...

How to get laid secret number 1:
I will do whatever it takes to get laid!

You are already standing one rung down on the ladder, if getting laid is not a serious priority in your life.   Clap, Clap, Clap, nobody is going to help you figure this one out.   This is a due diligence situation.   Furthermore, the problem will only get worse with age.

On October 20th, 2004, the author showed how far his commitment would go in order to get laid.   That date, he proudly professed to the world that he invented a sex course on sexual compression.   He called the work, The Of Course.

In accordance with this, the author can question someone else's commitment to getting laid, but that person can never question the author's commitment.   He has published a book on the subject.

The next sex secret takes the book and places it directly into your sex strategy.

How to get laid secret number 2it is your personal responsibility to give the female a chance at a skilled partner

With this one statement, the tables have turned one hundred and eighty degrees.   The female that you are interested in is now wondering how your balls got so big?

To enhance the previous, and to entrench your status as a serious long-term player, use this powerful saturation technique.   Have a lady or male friend say this important line within earshot of the target female?

He's an aficionado.

That exact line will get you laid over and over again.   That is, without pomp and circumstance, without spending hundreds of dollars, without shenanigans.   She's bound to be curious.

The last part of the current sub-heading is phrased:   skilled partner.   Your obligation to her, as an aficionado, is to deliver an extremely skilled course.

By doing so, the target female will return to you over and over again.   Meanwhile, she will begin to talk.   Because of this, the next get laid secret must be adhered to...

How to get laid secret number 3:
guard your negative space like a treasure chest

Rival females will begin searching you for the information gained by the target female.   These non-targeted females are not always honest lovers.   They are only using you to gain course information —once they have it, you"re finished!

The famous courtesan, Ninon de l'Enclos, divided her men into two groups:   martyrs and payeurs.   The latter of the two were obliged to pay for a chance to have sex with her.   Martyrs, on the other hand, were obliged to visit for conversation only.   Ninon's system is recorded in Robert Greene's 48 Laws of Power (p. 256-258).

Occasionally, Ninon would choose from her martyrs a favori, a favorite.   For a short period of time, she would totally unravel her lovemaking and devote herself to her favori.   After that, she would never sleep with the man again.

Appropriately, the non-targeted females can be divided into similar groups.   If the female is deemed disingenuous, make sure she pays for every bit of the negative space gained from your advanced course.   Be prepared to cut her loose the moment her temperament changes.

Most men date and marry the females from their martyrs.   For some reason, those women have a genuine affinity for our presence.

Listen to this quote from one of the author's martyrs:

"You showed everybody else, you didn't show me."

Didn't plan on showing her either, that is, until the time was right.

If the martyr's heart is true, then the complete negative space flows into the course.   She gets the "Big One" or the "Grand Course".   Don't hold anything back and reward her for her patience.

Since the course creator can guard his negative space, the next get laid secret is equally important...

How to get laid secret number 4:
create mystery with every move

The target female must be interested in the course creator's next move.   Mystery holds her interest.   If she likes the information you keep adding, she is going to be happy.

Listen to Colden Thorne take a hit from an aficionado but quickly reply using the mystery technique.

She says, "I'm better than you are now (meaning her course has eclipsed the author's course)."

[The author is dumbfounded and quickly thinks of something to say.]

"Who just showed you Gun-locking?"

In the advanced course, Gun-locking leads to "Perfect strokes".   "Perfect strokes" leads to values.   Values are set into stroke constructs, and the Good Lady is still missing a few intermediate steps.

Sorry, but the course creator may not be available for her next consultation, that is unless, she changes her tone.

The author's course is giant and affords many opportunities to create mystery.   Moreover, this leads to the final get laid secret...

How to get laid secret number 5:
build an impressive bower

sexy bird

One of the most amazing birds in the animal kingdom, the bower bird engages in an elaborate courtship ritual.   The bird collects beautiful objects from the forest floor and arranges them for the hen to inspect.   Year after year, the males display their acquired skills.   They are saying to the hens, "I'm smart, mate with me!"

Likewise, males within the human kingdom go through a similar mating ritual.   They collect unto themselves elaborate objects and they have a myriad of display postures.   However, they are often out done by men who display deft sexual control.

Many men erroneously believe they can get laid even...

  1. ...if they don't do whatever it takes to get laid
  2. ...if they don't give the female a chance at a skilled partner
  3. ...if they don't guard their negative space
  4. ...if they don't create mystery with every move
  5. ...if they don't build an impressive bower

The winning strategies on this page have been used for centuries.   Ninon's salon received many wealthy and influential men from French society.   She was an extremely talented sex tactician.

The learned has caught a glimpse at the author's bower.   In the last nine years, the structure has grown giant and the decorations are elaborate and colorful.   The author's complete negative space is spelled out in this site's companion book, The Of Course.

Today, you are guaranteed a course of action that culminates in you getting laid.   Your target female will be held spell-bound by the mystery your Course creates.   Soon, she will be exposed to an impressive bower, and she will receive the skilled partner she has always dreamed of.

You owe it to her, you owe it to yourself, take The Of Course.

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Thanks for reading, I'm Colden Thorne and of course, good luck in your course.

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