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Unlike the sex tips on other sex information sites, these sex tips are not dissimilar techniques haphazardly inserted into your sex strategy. Only when a sex tip has achieved its desired goal is a new sex technique introduced to take advantage of the resulting state.

This logical course of action creates a "tightening of the screws" of sexual compression. Precise vaginal control makes sexual compression analogous to holding a glass:  too much pressure and the glass breaks or not enough and the glass slips and falls from the hand.

The course male familiarizes himself with the female's selected tension and adeptly manages his course limits. The ultimate goal is achieved at the end of the course. The unprecedented pressure finally gives way to an earth shaking orgasm. This is known as The Of Course S.O. (strong orgasm)—the final reward.

With the end in mind, The Of Course sex tips page creates its first compression count, and that sex technique is called…

"Thumping the hump"

The female adds top-down stroke pressure when utilizing this technique. She may use her hands but they don't slide nearly as well. Fellatio is often performed before vaginal sex in order to get the male aroused. The Of Course fellatio technique is used to build a tolerance to vaginal stimulation. Therefore the female desires to create a strong hump that can endure the rigors of the intra-vaginal course.

Place the right forefinger and thumb to pinch off the foreskin area (Zone 3). Next, place the left hand similarly on the penis base (Zone 1). Slide the two pinch points toward each other:  the text has isolated Zone 2, the male hump. The bubble of blood trapped between the fingers is the erogenous zone that centers male compression. Place a red X at the middle of the work, the female is admonished to stay off the hump intra-course. The reason being, the male could over-compress and this invariably leads to pre-mature orgasm.

The right hand in the previous text is replaced with firm round lips, also the teeth can force down into the lip tissue. Maintain the left hand position—that is obviously useful. "Thumping the hump" occurs when the female forces stroke energy into the ligament. Remember again, blood from Zone 3 is being forced into the male hump. The pressure has a limit in terms of size and strength. As the strokes continue notice how the hump begins to strengthen. This is the desired effect.

The female pushes down, and returns the lips soft. She creates a rhythmic stroke count and the male eases into his first compression count. Be mindful, a compression count has limits:  "heaviness", twinging, "the point of no return", and orgasm. The purpose of this sex tip is a strong hump and tolerance. The male should not need to fight off heaviness and twinging, therefore, stop a few strokes before heavy and then…


The course female needs to limit compression count errors and fluffing helps her do just that. The female shifts away from the deep stimulation of the male hump and initiates a shallow stimulation of the foreskin. This allows the male to decompress, and when he can do that, the compression cycle has begun.

The sex technique causes the blood within the male hump to diffuse and the penis regresses toward a less rigid state. The female keeps the strokes long and soft; she rests her actions upon the penis skin. Naturally she can sense the male is in a decompression count.

Just as critical as over-compression the male could rapidly decompress. To prevent this, the female must sense the bottom of the decompression cycle and immediately start a new compression count. Her tension increases until once again she is "thumping the hump".

Whenever the hump is strong and she is pleased with her work, she proceeds to mounting the male. There she sets her actions upon the next sex tip…

"strip the bone"

Adapted from Margo Anand's book, The Art of Sexual Ecstasy—"strip the bone" was used in her text to get the male "back-up" for extended love play. The Of Course uses this sex tip to control the first ten strokes of the Course.

The female straddles the male and mounts. Her Zone 1 (labia) grips the penis and smoothly slides down over the hump. She proceeds immediately to the title technique—"strip the bone". Her vaginal tension works from bottom-up against the exit stroke. She grips the base firmly, maintains the pressure during the exit stroke and releases to allow the entry stroke. Pull up, release, reset.

The sex stroke is designed to force blood into the hump; however, there seems to be a limit to its effectiveness. In about ten strokes the hump is satiated and requires a new form of stimulation. The next sex tip solves that problem with…


This sex stroke is named after the way the letter looks. Furthermore, "G" demonstrates the power of adding top-down pressure to the Course. The female constricts Zone 3 (the vaginal barrel top) and forces stroke tension into the male's corresponding Zone (the foreskin). Once the female decides to "squeeze", a new course of action is set up. Any mistake could cause the male to W.O. (have a natural or weak orgasm). That being said, the male will blame the female anyway, so the onus is firmly upon the female.

The previous few sentences define the course aficionado:  he or she feels responsible for the course they create with others. Until the male builds a tolerance to the female's selected tension, "G" sets a perilous Course.

To test the waters the female uses a very light "G" tension. The penis encounters the tense spot and the foreskin is hung up. Therefore, the selected tension is a gentle teasing of the foreskin. In the course of time though, the female will increase her selected tension and the male's stroke encounters a vaginal barrier. His linear stroke has to ram through to the other side—this stroke construct is called "Hard Rock". The construct is used to create a "heavy" feeling.

To practice the next maneuver, squeeze the index finger inside the thumb and push down. Next, squeeze the pinky and ring fingers firmly in to the palm heel and pull up. Push down, pull up, and repeat. One course female combined 3. strip the bone and 4. "G" during the same stroke cycle, and that resulted in the next sex tip…


The maneuver is named for the back and forth movement of an ice cream scoop. Without a doubt, "Scoop" is the most difficult move for the course novice to master. If he's pushing in, she's pulling up and vice versa. Then there are the missed half strokes. The best attitude to have is this:  don't worry about it everyone sooner or later gets it.

Here is some advice for the doomed. The male should set a level stroke construct and allow the female to operate around the stroke. Next, the female should desire to hit the top and bottom of the stroke and then move her actions into the stroke. With this, the male should attempt to lock his stroke into place, if ever so briefly. Obviously, he wants to maintain an exact stroke length. Finally, be nonjudgmental, the pressure is all on her.

This is the first compound move of the Course, so be careful. There is always a risk of decompression when compound moves are brought into the Course. The novice female doesn’t want to be mid-course trying to get the male "back-up" for extended love play. Therefore, it would be wrong to suggest that the participants should practice the move over and over again until they "get it". Transition from strip the bone to "G", show off for a few strokes, and move on.

Scoop is just a course hurdle compared to the next course maneuver. Even the most seasoned course male is stopped dead in his tracks. The female uses her top speed to break down the veracity of the male course. At speeds greater than two the female literally begins to…


The female uses this sex tip to give the male a tolerance to vigorous stimulation. Bounce uses a loose vaginal construct and extreme sex speed. Briefly, permit the text to define what sex speed is. Speed one is about one second and one complete stroke cycle. In and out, the heart beats lub, lub. Speed two has two complete stroke cycles per heartbeat. In and out, lub; in and out, lub.

At the end of the main body of the Course the female will elevate the action. This does two things:  one, it breaks down the physiology of the male (tires him) and two, prepares the male for future courses (gives him a tolerance to vigorous stimulation). In response, the male must fight the effects of W.O. (weak orgasm). To accomplish this task, he totally relaxes his PC Muscle, and for that matter, every other muscle in his lower body. This allows the female to reach maximum speed without the male "twinging".

After the female has found her top speed, and the male has taken as much as he can endure:  he signifies the end of the session by taking over the stroke lead and posting into the action. He thrusts his hips a fast as they will go and then decelerates to speed one. When the male has regained his sexual prowess, the two "Bounce" again.

In any event, after the second "Bounce" session is complete, the female proceeds to the finale…


The Of Course uses deliberate maneuvers in the reverse mount to accomplish the finishing act, but for the present text, the female can remain in the face to face mount. She uses a strong "G" to start the first compression count. Remember, the contractions should intercept the entry stroke and press firmly into the hump. The two bodies enter the stroke construct known as "Hard Rock". Finish the first set of strokes one count before heavy.

Immediately proceed to sex tip 2, fluffing. Allow the male to briefly decompress and start another compression count. This time push the count one stroke "past" twinging. At some stage the female has to feel that she has the male under her control.

Try to alternate two fluffing strokes and two Hard Rock strokes until the exact position is found. Once the "point of no return" is located, the female forcefully pulls the male's head forward and tightly entwines her body with his. Two more strokes… One more, maybe just one more… Bam!  His body begins to Rock!

The Of Course book has much more content and it is available here.

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Thanks for reading, I'm Colden Thorne, and of course, good luck in your course!

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