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My name is Colden Thorne, sex master and creator of The Of Course.   Like you, I was once actively searching the internet for Sex Secrets.   Therefore, I understand how frustrating it can be.

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Now if you'll read on, you'll discover all the sex secrets that solved Colden Thorne's sex problems.

Skilled sex tacticians have progressively broken down the sex problems during lovemaking.  The first, they say, is a poor development of a sexual muscle.  Next, a certain spot can't be properly stimulated.  Finally, the male can't successfully stave off his orgasm.

In response to those skilled tacticians, they certainly do know their body, but they seem to be missing an important piece of information.  Intra-vaginal sex works directly upon the male compression cycle.  From the Course standpoint, both male and female learn to master this compression cycle.  That being said, the person reading these lines may decide who is the greater sex tactician—the sexperts or Colden Thorne?

Sex Secret #1:  The PC muscle

Used as a panacea for many sexual ailments, the PC Muscle is a little known muscle on the pelvic floor.  Sexpets state firmly, "Strengthen the PC muscle for rock hard erections."

The sex problem within the text is:  sex duration is not long enough for the female to reach orgasm.  Therefore, pumping exercises are prescribed for the pubococcygeus.  This does, in fact, affect the male erection.  The flexing of the muscle forces blood into the penis.

In a precautionary measure, The Of Course ignores the previous text.  The reason being, the male may accidentally over compress the penis and develop a condition known as p.e., or painfully erect.  This is a Course limit and threatens to end the course.

A true sex secret immerges here:  the "point of no return" is a biological sex truth.  Once this threshold is crossed, the male will orgasm, and involuntarily so.

There is good news though:  this threshold is directly preceded by signs of "heaviness" and "twinging".  In this sense, the male backs away from heaviness by totally relaxing his PC muscle, and for that matter, every other muscle in his lower body.  Hence, the muscle is used in the direct opposite of the sexpert text.

From the Course standpoint, the exercises designed to strengthen the muscle are:  totally superfluous.

Sex Secret #2:  G-spot

Sexperts say the stimulation of the said spot is responsible for intense vaginal orgasms.  The location is two and one half inches within the vaginal column situated on the anterior wall.  It is manipulated with the a "come hither" hand motion.

Even though the hand motion may be pleasurable, it doesn't seem to produce the desired result.  Furthermore, gynecologists and researches alike have examined the area and the results are inconclusive.  There doesn't appear to be a "tight bundle of nerves" in any one location within the vaginal column.  In this sense, every location is equally sensitive.

Ernst Grafenberg's research may have turned out as a scientific hoax.  Whatever the case may be, modern day research has returned one immutable sex law:  seventy-five percent of all women never reach vaginal orgasm.

To this, The Of Course answers the sexperts succinctly, "No G-spot moves are defined or practiced."

Sex Secret #3:  The multi-orgasmic male

Many sexperts have learned that males are adept at managing "the point of no return".  The male backs away from the last stroke and ripples out a mini-orgasm.  Simultaneous, the female gets "wide open" and stops all vaginal action.

Oddly enough, the Course totally agrees with the previous text.  The Of Course stages two orgasms:  one at the beginning of the Course, and a very strong orgasm at the end of the Course.

The mini-orgasm at the beginning is used to bleed off early sexual energy, and with this, the male emits the pre-ejaculate.  Nevertheless, from then on, the female skillfully steers away from the Course limit with a decompression count.  The reason being, the male could have a weak or "natural" orgasm (this is called W.O.).

Ultimately, the female desires to drive the male to higher and higher levels of compression.  These actions finally give way to a powerful orgasm at the end.  This is call S.O., or strong orgasm.

The Of Course understands what the sexperts are trying to do.  However, at the end of the Course the male probably won't S.O. He will, in fact, W.O.

The participants can try out the Course limit for themselves.  That is, if they like all the stops and starts.

Sex Secret #4:  Lasting longer

One of the few well defined lovemaking systems extant is called Tantra.  Lovemaking session could last for hours.  This is important—so the masters say—to create the emotional bond between male and female.

From the learned text, the male and female can see the limits of a compression count.  If not managed adeptly, the male could get caught in a decompression cycle.  Because the male has undergone rapid compression, there is always a risk of rapid decompression.

Again, the male could extend his Course much longer, but always at the expense of S.O., strong orgasm.  The Of Course uses a game to calibrate the individual course.  SPG, the sex positions game, teaches that every Course move and position satiates itself.  Once a threshold is met, the participants change the construct.  This leads to the next logical move, hence the term, The Of Course.

As for the lovemaking sessions that last all night long, it seems that the decompression counts go far too deep.

Sex Secret #5:  The Big "O"

Many sexperts attempt to sale a formula to men and women who haven't had a vaginal orgasm.  The sex elite are explaining that the participants are doing something wrong.  If the neurotic would only do the right moves, then their sex life would improve.

To this, the text quotes from The Of Course book:

Unapologetically, The Of Course is a wham, bam thank you ma'am, western style of lovemaking.  No attempt is made for extended love play.  The PC muscle is not plumped, so the male can achieve multiple orgasms.  The G-spot is not located so it can be successfully stimulated.  No effort is made to indirectly stimulate the clitoris.

Firmly and unequivocally, The Of Course has nothing to do with the female orgasm.  The total of the female's vaginal efforts are directed toward the male compression cycle.  When both male and female have mastered the compression cycle, it lead to a deep and abiding feeling—"you're good in bed."

Strong orgasm after strong orgasm start to mount up and a powerful emotional bond develops.  Every Course aficionado can explain why they're good at sex.  One day a decision was made to throw away old sex notions.  No one would be blamed for a bad sex environment.  The aficionado alone is responsible for the course created with others.

With the strength of those aficionados, Colden Thorne offers his elite sex course on sexual compression.

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One female once said,

"You showed everybody else, you didn't show me."

Biily S. wrote the author these words,

"You're a god man, at least that's what I've heard lately.  My wife thinks The Of Course is gospel next to Luke and John."

One of the first Course aficionados returned to say,

"You can't even believe how good I am now."

A very sexy woman once said this to the author,

"I have a world class body, now I want a world class P#@sy."

Do these people sound like they need to buy another book on sex secrets?

So much effort is spent on sex and looking sexy every year.  Just as important, one should have a powerful engine under the hood.  The confidence The Of Course imparts is very sexy.

Mentally ask the author if he's good in bed?

Yes, I am.

Truthfully, your sex life can be divided into two appropriate places:  the day before you took The Of Course, and the day after.  The day after the first Course, the course novice will immediately know what they need to do to improve their Course.  Subsequently, they improve in future courses.

Mentally think about the testimonials written above.  Those people took action and have radically improved their sex life.  That being said, the next step is yours.  Do you want what they have, or can you live another day without knowing?

The total success of this page is hinged on one thing:  you taking control of your sex life and clicking on that link.

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Thanks for reading, I'm Colden Thorne and of course, good luck in your course.

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